Your bundle includes a assortment of our most beloved BEEF cuts to inspire the greatest cooking ever. Organically raised beef. Fed only mama's rich milk, lush pasture, hay, and organic corn. Highest quality. No GMO'S, no pesticides, NEVER anything weird! In accordance with nature our animals live happy, healthy lives on pasture. We fill your insulated boxes with deliciousness and deliver it for FREE. 50LBS.


Example 50 lb bundle-

2 or 3 Sirloin Steaks
2 Porterhouse Steaks
2 or 3 T-Bone Steaks
5 Roasts
1 Brisket
17 packages of Ground Beef
1 Top Round Steak
1 Chuck Steak
3 or 4 Rib Steaks

Bundle 50LBS Organic-fed BEEF