20LBS of chicken- Bundle- cut up and vacum sealed in convenient packaging for easy cooking! Young totally organically fed meat chickens for the most tender delicious cooking in ANY recipe. USDA INSPECTED!!

You get seperate packages of breast, thighs/legs, wings. So delicious and heathy.


We love chickens around here and they love having no fences (except the one to keep them out of our veggie gardens). We argue they make healthier and tastier meat because they are free to browse and scratch for whatever they need. Our chickens diet includes grass, bugs, organic bread scraps, organic sprouted grain, organic veggies, and whatever is small enough for them to catch. No GMO'S, no perticides, NEVER anything weird! In accordance with nature our animals live happy, healthy lives!

20LBS Organic-fed Chicken. Cut up for fast easy cooking!

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