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Construction requirements include delivery of two new airports, construction of the BRT system and the railway, integration of the public transport system and finally the addition of a tram. The system would be financed by the Province of Varese, Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and the Environment and three other associations. By the end of the 21st century, about 10,000 people would work at the airport and about 4,500 jobs would be added during the construction phase, once the airport was complete. The original plan was for the airport to open in 2008, but the delays would push the opening date back to 2009. This delay could potentially cost the original plan of selling five million A330s per year, the majority of the airlines purchase in North America. Boeing will be producing the aircraft for the Italian market with only about 60 units for each of the Airbus' A330 (40 per year). In September 2003, the Province of Varese granted the contract for the project to the Italian company, Impianti di Aeroporto di Legnate e della Versilia Centro (IAA.LS.Versilia.Int) in an amount of 1,090 million Euros to build, operate and maintain the system. The first airport in the Italian region of Lombardy was established in 1966, becoming the first in Europe and the third in the world. The new Varese Airport, had been planned by the Lombard Regional Government and the International Advisory Group for Linate, which is the largest airport in the region of Lombardy, and it is Italy's second-largest airport. The Varese government had been experiencing difficulty acquiring land to establish a new airport in its region, and this came to a head with the recognition of the regional government in 1999 that the airport in Linate, which was being expanded for the 1998 Winter Olympics, was out of space for additional terminals and control towers. The new airport was to be built in the area where the city of Varese had been planning to build a small business park, although this plan had been put on hold due to the lack of land for the project. The construction of the airport began in February 2003 and involved several teams working on different parts of the airport, including the new terminal, ATC, the taxiway, parking areas, the railway station, and roads connecting to the area. The runway was completed and the ATC completed by August 2003. The runway and the new terminal were completed by September 2004, along with the railway




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Airbus A330 VACBI CBT Mega Blues Colon 82852 Pr

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